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LED Open Sign Rectangle

LED Open Sign Rectangle

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These illuminated open signs are a quick, easy and affordable way to communicate with your customers that your business is Open. With one of these LED signs displayed in your window, the public is able to see from a distance if your business is open.

Let everyone know you are ready for sales. Don't make them wonder. Tell them you're OPEN and waiting for them to come in.

Hanging an LED open sign in your store front window will encourage everyone to come to your store to buy your services or merchandise.

 When your Open sign uses the "flash" or "chasing lights" mode, it causes everyone to turn their head toward your business. They will attract more attention. Our illuminated LED open signs are easy to read and come with multiple display modes. Because LED signs shine bright, it causes them to be very eye-catching and when you have someone passing by.

 Another one of our featured signs give you the option of telling your customers you are Closed with the pull of a chain.  Be courteous.  Let your frequent customer know you are Closed. This is a great option for business owners because you are getting two signs for the price of one! All of our LED signs are extremely energy-efficient and plug into a standard 110-volt outlet, and are set up for easy installation.

 Whether you are a retail store, restaurant, salon or spa you can enjoy the benefits of displaying an LED OPEN sign. Used for a wide variety of businesses our products are seen in businesses from child care facilities to your favorite restaurant.

Your business will receive benefits from installing an LED Open sign. Attract more customers into your store today!

Size 13"H x 24"W 

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